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DENGE Project for Adolescents in Probation System

In this EU and Turkish Ministry of Justice funded project, we developed and implemented an evidence based risk assessment tool for adolescents in probation. The project aims to prevent recidivism of youth and promote rehabilitative perspective in probation. The project is being implemented in 26 probation bureaus across 21 cities in Turkey.

Collaborator: UNICEF Turkey

Coordinator: Esra Ersayan & Hamit Levent Evci

ÇAM'da Hayat Var Project

We trained probation officers in evidence based schema therapy and family systems therapy to intervene youth in probation and their families. We also explored the impact of Risk-Need-Responsivity Model to change the attiudes of probation officers about youth involved in the criminal justice system. 

Coordinator: Esra Ersayan

PAR project

We conducted an action research project with probation officers, developed and implemented a 2 day brief training program and conducted an impact evaluation. 

Collaborators: Esra Ersayan, Banu Çankaya & Murat Ergin

Coordinator: Gizem Erdem

Completed Projects: Image
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