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Cultural Adaptation of UNFT Program 

In this project, we are adapting and implementing the evidence-based systemic family therapy intervention to prevent adolescent substance misuse. Our project is funded by the TÜBA-GEBİP Award and Research Grant. 

Coordinator: Gökçenay (Kaplan) Başer

Stigma Projects

We have series of stigma projects that explore 1-social prototypes of heroin and alcohol addiction and 2-perceived causality of addiction. Data collection of all phases are complete and we are at the stage of preparing manuscripts for publication. 

Collaborator: Bülent Turan (Koç University)

Coordinator: Aliye Canan Taşlıoğlu Sayıner

Sibling Relationships in the Context of Alcoholism

This project aims to investigate family relationship dynamics among individuals with alcoholism and their siblings in Turkey. We compare and contrast their sibling position, systemic transactions, and mental health outcomes from a family systems perspective.

Collaborator: Suzanne Bartle-Haring (The Ohio State University)

Coordinator: Gizem Erdem

Program Evaluation to Improve Mental Health among Incarcerated Youth

This project funded by Science Academy Turkey Research Award and KU Seed Grant examines the impact of an evidence-based life skills training program on youth in prison. The project incorporates qualitative formative research, survey study followed by a randomized controlled trial.

Collaborator: Esra Ersayan (Koç University)

Coordinator: Hamit Levent Evci

Mental Health Outcomes of Peer Mentoring for Volunteer Mentors

This quasi-experimental study examines trajectories of change in peer mentors' indicators of mental health and positive development as compared to those in the control condition (undergraduate students recruited from the same university). The project followed mentors and non-mentors for a full academic year and assessed their mental health at three time points. 

Coordinator: Ommay Aiman Safi

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