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Thesis Projects @ 3R: Image

Ongoing projects 

Culture, Romantic Relationships & Self Disclosure

This project examines cultural construal and its association with closure in romantic relationships. The study incorporates secondary analysis of large cross-cultural datasets.

Grad Student: Ommay Aiman Safi

Completed thesis projects

Ideal Standards in Mate Selection

This study explores the ideals emerging adults seek in a potential a spouse and how those standards interplay with parental approval or rejection on decision to marry. 

Grad Student: İpek Güvensoy

Parental Control & Well-being of Emerging Adults

Guided by the Self Determination Theory, the study investigates the link between parental sexual, behavioral, and psychological control and sexual and emotional well-being of emerging adults. 

Grad Student: Dilara Taşkın

Friendships during the COVID19 Pandemic

This project explores friendship quality and maintenance among emerging adults and how they relate to mental health outcomes.

Grad Student: Vjollce Mustafa

Thesis Projects @ 3R: Image
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