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Ongoing thesis and dissertation projects 
Topic: Predictors of infidelity tendency: Associations with parental fidelity and attachment insecurity. 
Grad student: Esra Selalmaz (Clinical Psychology)

Topic: Understanding motivation to move abroad among Turkish youth: Association with hopelessness, future anxiety, and mental health.

Grad student: Zeynep Betül Yücesoy (Clinical Psychology)

Topic: Child internalizing and externalizing symptoms, emotion regulation and attachment style: A meta-analytical study
Grad student: Burcu Beşiroğlu (co-advising w/ Ceren Söylemez, Clinical Psychology)

Topic: Menstruation stigma and women sexuality 
Grad student: Dilara Taşkın-Sayıl (Social Psychology) 

Topic: Stigma experiences and mental heath symptoms of LGB individuals: The protective role of belonging  
Grad student: Alp Kemaloğlu (Clinical Psychology)

Completed thesis and dissertation projects
Single mothers' fear of negative evaluation, stigma experiences, and cognitive appraisal 
Grad student: Zeynep Coşkun (2024, co-advised w/ Bülent Turan; Developmental Psychology)

Topic: Romantization myths and justification of emotional and physical abuse among emerging adult women. 

Grad student: Buse Oldaç (2023, Clinical Psychology)

Topic: Disability Stigma of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals in Turkey
Grad student: Yaren Gülşen (2023, Clinical Psychology)

Topic: Emotion regulation, attachment behaviours, and romantic relationship satisfaction among newly weds
Grad Student: Tuğba Naz Ayyıldız (2023, Social Psychology)

Topic: Adverse childhood experiences, dyadic coping, and romantic relationship satisfaction among emerging adults
Grad Student: Elif Eyisoylu (2022, Clinical Psychology)  Article link

Topic: Ideal Standards in Mate Selection and Parental Approval on Decision to Marry
Grad Student: İpek Güvensoy (2021, Social Psychology) Article link 

Topic: Parental Control & Well-being of Emerging Adults from a Self Determination Theory Perspective 
Grad Student: Dilara Taşkın (2021, Social Psychology) Article link

Topic: Friendships during the COVID19 Pandemic, Coping, and Emerging Adults' Well-being
Grad Student: Vjollce Mustafa (2021, Developmental Psychology)

Topic: Understanding family of origin experiences of Turkish humanitarian aid workers 
Grad Student: Deniz Atalay (2019, Clinical Psychology - Istanbul Bilgi University)

Topic: Cross-cultural comparison of autonomy and relatedness, differentiation of self, and relationship satisfaction
Grad Student: Ommay Aiman Safi (2018, Social Psychology) Articles: Link 1 & Link 2

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